Slips League Championship

The Slips League Championship is not a tournament but a full blown league. We have 36 teams in three divisions that play each week during the season. All the matches are broadcasted on Twitch and we have two additional shows packed with interviews, previews, analysis and more.

Season Information

Seasons run for 3 months. At the start of each season, teams get awarded a payout for competing. They can use this payout and their own funds to flesh out their roster for the season and play friendly / exhibition matches to fine tune the team for a busy season.

At the end of the season, the league winners and play-off winners get awarded payouts from the prize pool and the bottom placed teams get relegated into oblivion.

Participating in the League

We do not allow teams to join our league. Instead you must buy a seat at the table by taking over one of the 36 teams available. Team owners can rebrand the team once they take over one of the franchises. All the teams are up for sale before the inaugural season.

Players are free to join the league as free agents at any time however. Each player that joins gets a blockchain token launched representing them which can be purchased by teams.

More importantly, everyone in the league gets paid in a cryptocurrency token called SLCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the league? Can my team enter your league?

You can join the league at any time you wish. Fill in our short registration form and then someone will contact you to get some more details about you.

Once you are approved, we will launch a blockchain token representing you which will be tradeable. You can fill out some profile details and hopefully find a team that will sign you up.

Unfortunately you cannot enter a team into the SLC. You can however try and buy one of our existing franchises. We allow teams to be rebranded.

What does it cost to join the league? How much will I earn?

Currently there is no cost to join the league however we charge a small fee to process your application and cover the cost of launching your blockchain token.

Once you are part of the league, you will earn an income by signing a contract with a team. Team can offer you a contract with a guaranteed wage per round (we normally have 22 rounds) and a duration (normal contracts last a season).

At any time you might be offered a contract from another team. As long as they meet your contract buyout, you will have the opportunity to join them. How much you get paid depends entirely on your skills and the market rate in our league for a player of your abilities.

How much is the prize pool?

The prize pool is currently paid in dollars but in future will be paid in a cryptocurrency token that players will also get paid in. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and then converted into your local currency.

The prize pool is currently fixed at $440. The value of the SLCC token is pegged to $USD although as the league becomes more prosperous, we will increase the pool in future seasons. We may also alter the allocation but typically the top division league winner will get $340 of the prize pool, the bottom two divisions will split $100 and cup winners will get $75 of the total prize pool.

Remember, each team also gets a participation bonus as well.

I'm not a Supersonic Legend - can I still join?

Yes, we invite players of all different ranks to join the league. Obviously the best teams will want the best players but we have a good distribution of ranks in our applications.

Teams need to continually replenish their talent and you will find opportunities to play in exhibition matches throughout the season. Furthermore, some teams run training sessions and you might get a chance to be coached to improve your game play.

How do I watch your league? Where can I watch past broadcasts?

We have three shows a week that get broadcasted live on our Twitch channel and then archived on our YouTube channel. Each weekend "Showtime" features live Rocket League action from the SLC.

"Breakdown" is our recap show, we go over all the weekend matches in a studio setting with our panel.

Finally get ready for the weekend in style with "Unscripted" which is a magazine style preview show with interviews and segments to get you in the mood for our live broadcast!