Since you bought Yam, Sushi and Spaghetti...

How about a project designed not to pull the rug out from under you?

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The what

What exactly does Slips do?

Slips allows Esports leagues to exist as decentralized entities. The core of Slips is a set of smart contracts that turn players into tradeable non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

What's wrong with Esports?

The why

Why are we tokenizing players?

An ERC-721 player contract in Slips is fully tradeable and not just by the teams in the league. There are endless possibilities to leverage player contracts / earnings and valuations in DeFI transactions

How does Slips work?

The DeFi Connection

How Slips integrates into the DeFI ecosystem

Look, we know you bought every food meme DeFi project that launched last summer...

The Degen tokens might be ridiculed - but their success proves what kind of possibilities emerge when multiple DeFi projects are stitched together.

Slips is the next evolutionary step. It is not a meme. It solves real problems.

But by being connected to the wider DeFi ecosystems - it offers all the same opportunities you got farming YFI this summer and a few new ones too!

Can you yield farm the token?
  • You can provide liquidity to the SLCC-ETH pool on Uniswap and try and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities

  • You can supercharge your Slips earnings - put them into YFI and earning an eyewatering APR. It’s like winning twice!

  • Take out a loan against your contract as a player or put up the entire roster as collatoral on Rocket as a team owner

The Opportunity

How can you make the most of this great experiment

The token has an Ampleforth style rebasing mechanism which targets a stable price. You can rebalance your portfolio around the rebase for arbitrage opportunities.

Providing liquidity to the SLCC-ETH pool on Uniswap earns a governance token reward allowing voting on league operational issues and acquiring first right on new player acquisitions

Stake your liquidity tokens for liquidity mining rewards or invest the proceeds into a team or player in the league. Slips is a project with real utility so earning on the platform is not just a dream!

How to get involved
  • You can already see that we get a lot done with very little in the way of resources but a bit of help from you can get us to the finishing line quicker.

    Contribute to the Project

  • We have built an early adopter community and run weekly tournaments with prize pools. You don’t have to be a player to participate. Join us on Discord.

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