Contribute to the project

Did you get the impression after reading the brief history of Slips that the people behind this project can achieve a huge amount with very little? Great! Because we have always thought that it is ridiculous that so many cryptocurrency projects need to raise millions before shipping a project.

We didn't throw up an e-begging bowl and ask for funds before building out the project. Just like we didn't ask for a single satoshi when we launched the first iteration of Slips. So we do have complete confidence that we can build beautiful, functional products that people want.

But all the programming chops and other wordly dedication hits a brick wall because we just don't have the resources to bring the attention to this project that it deserves.

If what you have seen of Slips so far excites you and you are as convinced as we are that there is something huge here, then please help us get to the finishing line...

Below are a few ways that we think you can help the project:

Have time and energy but no money?

That's fine, not everyone made a killing in 2017. Some of us bought the top in 2018.

We have a showcase league. We took the tools we built and decided to show the world how they could be used. The Slips League Championship is not just a demo site though.

It's a community and a way to earn a living for so many esports players and team owners*. It's an avenue for arbitrage, yield farming and other DeFi opportunities for cryptocurrency investors.

It's also run by our volunteers - until the league is bootstrapped and self sufficient.

You could of course create a token and become a player in the league. Or set up your own team. But if esports is not your bag, how about:

1 Becoming a Part of the Team

We are always looking for highly talented, dedicated people to join our team. We have a rolling application period for positions such as broadcasters, online community managers, and league administrators.

If you think you’ve got something special that this project hasn't even seen yet, we also accept proposals for new roles in the Slips organization. Join our Discord server today to find out how you can get involved!

2 Spreading the awareness

The more people that know about Slips, the faster this project will grow and *nothing* can beat a good old fashioned grassroots awareness campaign. Tell your other crypto friends if you have them. If you don't, you can join our community and make some new ones.

But whether you have a talent for making memes or you can write informative articles. Whether you're a social bee that knows how to get influencer eye-balls on the project or you have CZ on speed dial... there's a million and one ways that you can assist us in getting noticed and every little bit will help!

I got 99 problems, but stacking Satoshi's ain't one

Cash is king and if you want to help take Slips to the next level, then there's nothing that will move the dial more than an investment or donation into our kitty.

If you would like to donate to the project, you can do so by making a contribution to the following Ethereum address:

But if you're more interested in the DAO we are launching, then please join the Discord and get in touch with the core developers.