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Where do I find the Slips community?

To demonstrate what you can do with Slips, we built the Slips League Championship (SLC). We then spent the past year building up the community and running tournaments for Rocket League. Rocket League is a game that pits two teams of players against each other, with the objective being to score the most goals in 5 min rounds using vehicles and an oversized soccer ball.

You can find our community on Discord, the link below will invite you into the server:

Join the Discord

Despit the fact that there is not much talk about price, token mechanics and the usual cryptocurrency discussion topics in the Discord - those topics are not forbidden and we encourage you to join to interact with the wider community.

Can we create a Telegram group or a different language channel?

Yes! The current Slips community is only for our own implementation of Slips. We are more than happy for new members to create their own communities for the actual project itself. It might even be more welcoming for people interested in this aspect of the project.

Just notify us once you have created the community and if you have a sizeable audience we will add the communities to a list below.

If you wish to localize the website, Dapp interface, documentation or any other aspect of the project, we would be more than happy to help provide you any assistance. Please join the Discord and contact the core Developers.