What is Slips

Slips in a nutshell

When we talk about "Slips" - we are referring to both an open source set of smart contracts and our own showcase implementation which we call the "Slips League Championship".

The Smart Contracts and User Interfaces

Our smart contracts model an Esports league and we have user interfaces to interact with the contracts. The contracts cover players, teams and the league itself (which is run as a decentralized autonomous organization). The contracts are open sourced on Github and completely free to use.

You can use them to run a Esports entity in a fully decentralized manner. We have more information about why you would want to do this. You can also find out how the smart contracts work.

The League

As well as providing you the raw tools to run your own league, we created a showcase implementation to demonstrate what could be achieved with our toolkit.

The league has a backing currency called "SLCC" (Slips League Championship Credit) which is a token that seeks parity with the dollar. We have more details about the rebasing mechanism of the token but in the league itself, it is used to purchase teams, trade players, and pay out prize pools.

The project also offers high yield staking opportunities and allows you to yield farm a governance token which gives proportional voting rights to holders interested in weighing into decisions about league operation.

What are we hoping to accomplish?

We have to actually zoom out a little bit. When Bitcoin was launched, it was in the aftermath of a financial crisis which still affects us today. Many people believed that Bitcoin could be a tool that would allow us to escape the tyranny of the governments that should be serving us.

These government have over successive decades kept the cost of living high, eroded our savings by stealthily inflating the money supply and raised debt levels to unprecedented levels.

We're not just in debt ourselves, so are our children and our grandchildren. Most of us have to work long hours, in terrible jobs, with very little or no safety net at all. This is a far cry from what rose tinted futurists in the 60s imagined when they predicted what the future might look like.

The coronavirus pandemic has only highlighted how unfair the world has become. The gap between the ultra-rich and the rest of us even in times of a global crisis has only widened further. We can try to effect change at the polling booths but anyone that's seen more than 2-3 successive governments come and go will have realized that it's futile.

Which is why it's sad to see that cryptocurrencies have become divorced from the noble ambition in which they were created. It's disappointing that so many projects seek VC funding. That so many core development teams are in bed with big banks and institutions. That instead of replacing the existing system, most projects seek to become the rent seekers and the middle men we were trying to remove.

We need to create opportunities for ourselves. New markets, new products and value which we can trade through new networks that bypass the systems comandeered by the globalists. This is just one of our aims with the Slips project.

We specifically chose a project that would capture the attention of young people. Historically they have been the biggest drivers of the adoption of new technology. They are also the most impacted by the successive financial crisis of 2007 and 2020 and willing to seek novel solutions to their problems.

Targeting self professed Esports fan and retired banker Mike Novogratz or wagging our tail at CZ or Justin Sun might make us enough money to look cool on Instagram but it does not bring new people into the cryptocurrency space. We didn't just want to enrich a few established people and speculators - we wanted to empower an entire generation.

We hope you think that's a cause worth sticking your weight behind. If you find our goals intriguing, please take a look at how the project works and see whether it's something you would like to help drag to the finishing line.

Does Slips have anything to do with gambling?

No, this project has nothing to do with gambling. The Slips development team previously produced an application with the same name that allows users to make bets on streams on platforms like Twitch. So sometimes people get a little confused.

Learn more about the history of Slips and our track record for delivering cryptocurrency projects